Specular Microscope

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Product name: Konan Specular Microscope XX

Equipped with “Auto Center Method” and “Auto F Center Method” as well as “Auto Trace Method” as standard!

CellChek 20-1

・Simple to use fully automated OD/OS
   endothelium capturing,analysis, printing
   and exporting, with a touch of screen.
・Enhanced Image Capturing Capability
・Automated Capturing Retry Feature
・Flexible Monitor Direction





Product name: Konan Specular Microscope XVI

High-grade model providing wide-field visualization of the cornea; including from limbus to limbus, endothelium to epithelium

CellChek C

・High-resolution / Wide-field
・Full corneal layers visualization
・Desired portion of cornea can be observed
・Analysis software integrated: Auto-trace /
 Center Method / Flex Center Method

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Introducing the new generation of the gold standard quality imaging and assessment of transplantable corneal material.

CellChek D

・Ultra-wide viewing areas: 1000 x 750μm
・Dual Camera System
・Built-in Pachymeter, real-time media temperature
・Integrated database
・Adaptable to most of the commercially available

※This is upgradable to full features on Konan’s CellChekD Plus.




The first multi-imaging system for donor corneal analysis which provides an amazing view into the cornea that simply has never been seen before.

CellChek D PLUS

・New “Donor Enhance” Imaging system
・Full Graft Imaging & digital measurement tools