Management Principles

What are [Management Principles]?

[Management Principles] are the foundation of the enterprise.

[Management Principles] are the guide to achieving the objectives of the enterprise, and they reflect the reason for the existence of the enterprise in our society. There might be a tendency to think that [Management Principles] are abstract ideas,but they are the basic policy established through actual understanding of the daily activities and not simply the statement of the status quo.

If when in doubt or confused, we think of the basic ideas, [Management Principles],the correct direction will become obvious. The words,which most accurately describe the plan to enrich the lives of those who support the enterprise and its objectives, are the [Management Principles].

[Management Principles] play a very important role in guiding management to the goals of the enterprise as well as to controlling management operations.

As an enterprise expands, it cannot ignore the [Management Principles]; as long as it is in line with [Management Principles], an enterprise can utilize every innovative opportunity in actively running the business.

This statement refers to the employees of Konan Medical.

 “the goal of challenging our own potential” is not only to challenge,but also to change the conventional wisdom,to enthusiastically discover new ways of doing things. A group of people that shares this positive approach is called Konan Medical.

As our founder,Nishimura Gakan,stated,“Do what you desire”; we “do not work for the company”, but we “work for ourselves”. However, we should never forget our major premise that “we render our services to society through our business”.

By forming a group such as this,something that a single person cannot achieve becomes possible at Konan Medical. Konan Medical does not require genius; a group of ordinary people performing at their peak and trying to accomplish more than a genius can achieve.

Konan Medical is not a group of people trying to control each other. One person cannot control another person’s heart. Therefore, only the most self-reliant person can be an employee of Konan Medical. Konan Medical does not compete with its assets or its facilities; people with the will to innovate are the real assets of Konan Medical and they will be competitive in the business world.

This statement refers to the ultimate objectives of Konan Medical as an enterprise. Konan Medical is the enterprise which has keen insight in the advancement and changes within society and provides the creativity to respond society’ s needs.

Creativity in this case,means not copying others but having the power to originate something of one’ s own. Although it may appear as if it does not apply to the individual,creativity is not for an elite group. At Konan Medical, every individual is expected to perform to the best of his ability in his daily work. A mindless repetition of daily work,without thinking,never brings out one’s creativity. The thought [for a better tomorrow] [originality] is the basis of creativity. Creativity is not removed from daily work activities; one can find an opportunity for originality in the daily chores.

Thus,through emphasis and repetition,creativity of an individual can emerge as Konan Medical’s creativity as an enterprise, and it will then be able to comply with society’s needs.

This statement refers to the ideal stance of Konan Medical as an enterprise. Man naturally possesses the will to produce something on his own initiative, and by accomplishing that task,he or she will gain satisfaction and confidence.

Repeating this type of accomplishment over and over, man feels life worthwhile,and this confidence plays an important part in discovering his latent ability.

[Self-actualization] is placed at the top of Abraham Maslow’s* pyramid of [hierarchy of needs]; which is composed of the desire to ensure survival, growth,self-expression, and self-actualization.

In order to achieve [self-actualization], there must be mutual respect of one’s own values and those of others. It goes without saying that [self-actualization] is not meant to be [egocentric].

Through [self-actualization] with sincerity, originality and passion, one can satisfy both spiritual needs as well as material needs. With satisfaction of both spiritual needs, [worthwhile life] and [social status] and material needs,[high salary] and [worldly possessions], one can experience[self-actualization] .

We wish to ensure that Konan Medical will become the place for such [self-actualization].

*Abraham Harold Maslow American psychologist(1908 – 1970)