Konan Medical, Inc., formerly known as Konan Camera Research Institute, Inc.,  was founded in 1947 by a group of amateur camera enthusiasts.

The very first work performed by this group was the development of a camera.

Since that time, a large number of skilled personnel have joined us to pursue innovation in various forms, steadily working on developments in the medical, factory, automation, and office automation equipment fields.

Firmly based on Konan Medical’s optoelectronic technology, we have been able to respond to a wide variety of customer demands for new developments. Our technological development has not exclusively been concerned with volume production and volume sales.

Since the 1970’s, we have been taking a new approach. Looking back on the past years, many of our activities have revolved around small-lot production-related activities, including joint research and development in cooperation with European and U.S. university professors, researchers, scientists and others.

These steady efforts have allowed us to introduce a wide range of superior products onto the market, including operation microscopes, specular microscopes, cell analysis system, maintenance-free marking devices and color scanner setting devices, to mention a few.

Although we do not specialize in basic research and development, we are confident of Konan Medical’s R & D strength relating to science and technology application.

With expertise that has been proven time and time again, by cooperating with scientists engaged in basic research, and by searching for partners who fully understand and appreciate our purpose and goal, Konan Medical pledges to offer products that will benefit industry and consumers alike.