Reserch & Development

Konan Medial, with full of originality and creativity, is your “Brain” partner

The products a very few people need are not suitable for mass production, often left behind from the development because its market size is small. However, we have continuously sent such products to the world which are useful to our society even if they are a few.
Today, the diversification of values and wide variety of lifestyles among the people are increasing in response to the changes in the social environment, it is required to accurately understand and promptly respond to the needs.

“I wish I could have such things.” “It would be convenient to have ….” Please do not hesitate to consult us if you have any research theme which seems quite impracticable. Konan Medical is your partner.

The best products with the best quality Making the most of our accumulated know-how since the day of foundation in 1947, a flexible organization and broad networks both in and out of the company, we will provide the product with the best technology and the best quality.

More than 1600 patents
Since the day of establishment we have applied more than 1600 patents of wide-ranging, i.e. optical technology, mechanical design, electronic and electrical technology, software development and system design. We are challenging the new field with consistently creative ideas

Project system
Manager and Leader Project of Konan Medical will coordinate the excellent knowledge and intelligence all over the world that are necessary to the research themes. We are always pursuing the concept for the customer and quickly respond to the needs from the customers.

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