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Not cleared for sale in the USA.
Wide-field Scanning Specular Microscope

High-grade model providing wide-field visualization of the cornea; including from limbus to limbus, endothelium to epithelium

High-resolution / Wide-field
Full corneal layers visualization
Desired portion of cornea can be observed
Analysis software integrated: Auto-trace / Center Method / Flex Center Method
※Built-to-order model. Please contact us for delivery time.
 ◆High-resolution / Wide-field
Slit-scanning technology leads to high-res & high-contrast imaging of cornea layers.
High quality visualization of corneal endothelium.
Extra wide-field: 0.65 mm x 0.48mm.
 ◆Full corneal layers visualization
  ●Epithelium surface ●Stroma
  ●Nerves ●Endothelium
  ●DSEAK surface


Sample image : Corneal endothelium (central)
Sample image: Corneal endothelium (near limbus)
Sample image: Corneal Epithelium surface
Sample image: Nerves
Sample image: Stroma


 ◆Desired portion of cornea can be observed

Floating mechanism maintains focus distance. Observation location can be moved around from limbus to limbus. Real time movie can be recorded.

 Sample video:
  [Central Cornea Visualization]
    Corneal Endothelium
    Corneal Epithelium Surface(3:12~)
  [Near Limbus Visualization](4:06~)
    Corneal Endothelium


 ◆Analysis software

Exclusive software for corneal endothelium cell analysis with Auto-trace function is integrated. Features a max. 60 min. video imaging system with “stop-action” still images.
Videos and still images are saved automatically. Patient database integrated.

Screen image: Corneal endothelium analysis


Image Field  0.65mm×0.48mm
Resolution  250 line pairs / mm
Lamp  Halogen lamp 12V 100W
Dimensions  394mm(D)×343mm(W)×476mm(H)
Mass  23Kg

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