Automatic marking system RAM MARKER
This system consists of marking ink and spray gun which marks correctly in a non-contact by signal from flaw detectors for steel, aluminum, rail and others.
Specially designed clogging-free nozzle
Applicable to the various flaw-detectors, and possible to respond to highly-frequent signals.
Marking from all circumferences is possible. Distance between the nozzle and material can be long.
Marking width and pattern can be changed at your request.
Address dividing is possible with short pitch.
Exclusively used ink assures marking.
Convenient for lot and buying control.
Exclusively used rapid drying ink for marking system for Quality Assurance purposes; identification of materials such as iron and steel, nonferrous pipe, rod, plate, aluminum, copper and also identification of products, specifying flawed spots.
Mark specified spots by signals from flaw detectors device without clogging using Sealing solvent (liquid to prevent clogging)
Exclusively used ink not just rapid drying but also having the following features;
Type Code Features
Water resistant film C Pigment based ink for dry and wet surface, drying up in a few seconds.
Removable with our original solvent.
Pigment-free K Pigment free ink for dry and wet surface, drying in a few seconds.
No settling and separation.
Removable with our original solvent.
Heat resistant AG Consisting of a special heat-resistant film-forming substance and pigments, can be used for marking on oil thin film wet surface.
It can withstand very high temperatures after marking. (Available for tight seal and unseal furnace.)
Oil film resistant FB Can be used for oil film wet surface high temperatures after marking.
Set-to-touch dry time would be a few seconds.
Transcription VT Exclusive use for transcription on the oil thin film wet surface.
Flame resistant NK Flame resistant special film forming ink for dry and wet surface.
Deposit materials after spraying ink hardly burns.
Exfoliative nonflammable SG-3W Easy to peal off after marking. When it's marked on materials at temperature below 80Ae, set-to-touch dry time would be 10 to 20 seconds.
Nonsolvent CG Heatproof water-base ink for red-hot materials. Available for 300℃〜850℃ materials.
Sealing solvent A・B・C
After marking, supplying the sealing solvent to the nozzle tip to prevent from clogging. Available in five kinds depending on the variety of ink.
*Other specifications will be available upon request. Please contact us for further information.
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